Krav Maga - Men

Krav Maga - Men

Class Overview

Classes are designed into levels of progression. Your progress at any level is completely dependent on your capabilities and interest. There are no time restrictions on level completion. We work at your pace. Expect to train hard, 2-3 times per week, per level. Some levels may take you a few weeks - others a few months. You can qualify for the next level only after you have demonstrated (on the instructor) the moves and techniques taught at that level.

Men's Krav Maga - Level 1

In Level 1, you will learn to defend against punches, chokes, headlocks, and wrist-grabs. Punches, elbows, kicks and knees will be learned and implemented into your training.

What you'll learn:

  • Strikes (palm heel and hammer fist)
  • Elbows Strikes (front, rear, back, and side)
  • Blocks (arms and legs)
  • Kicks (long range and short range knees)
  • Kicks from the ground
  • Longer Range Attack
  • One arm grab
  • Two Arm Grab Front
  • Both Arm Grab From Behind
  • Both Arm Grab (high) From Behind
  • High Arm Poll
  • Rear Shirt Poll
  • Hair Pulls (front, side, and behind)

Men's Krav Maga - Level 2

Level 2 workouts build upon what you learned in Level 1, but will increase in intensity and aggression. Additional skills covered in Level 2 include: punches, kicks, defenses with counter attacks, defenses against more chokes, headlocks, and bear hugs. Completion of Level 1 is required before taking Level 2.

What you'll learn:

  • Review of Level 1
  • Bear Hugs (arms free)
  • Front Bear Hug (arms caught, and lifted in the air)
  • Rear Bear Hug (arms caught)
  • Rear Bear Hug (arms free)
  • Bear Hug (side)
  • Bear Hug From Side (outside arm free)
  • Bear Hug From Side (arm closest to the attacker is free)
  • Front Choke Defense
  • Front Choke with Push
  • Rear Choke with Fingers
  • Rear Choke Defense When Pushed
  • Choke From the Side
  • Armbar Choke or Grab From Behind
  • Garroted From Behind

Men's Krav Maga - Level 3

In Level 3, we will continue to build upon what you’ve learned previously. We will combine your knowledge and decision-making skills and apply them to more combative, complex, and real-world assault situations. You will learn how to defend yourself against weapon attacks such as guns, knives and sticks. Completion of Level 2 is required before taking Level 3.
What you’ll learn:

  • Review of Level 2
  • Mounted with choke
  • Capturing both arms of the attacker
  • Face down attacker on your back (choking from behind)
  • Face down attacker on your back (holding knife to throat)
  • Attacker between your legs
  • Head Crank (turn) escape
  • Mounted- knife against neck threat (same side of knife hand)
  • Mounted-knife against neck threat (opposite side of knife hand)
  • Additional ground fighting (arm wrapped around your neck)
  • Outside defense against strikes for grabs
  • Inside the fence against strikes or grabs